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Maguires Real Estate | Mornington | South Eastern Suburbs
Maguires Real Estate | Mornington | South Eastern Suburbs

Thinking of Selling your Home or investment property with Maguires Real Estate?

What is the process for listing my home with your agency?
  • Once we have received your phone or email enquiry we will contact you to discuss the property you are planning to sell and arrange a time to meet either for an inspection or a discussion of what is involved
  • You should bring to the meeting any relevant documents you have including a Section 32 (if you already have one), copy of current lease if the property is leased as well as anything else that might be helpful in appraising or marketing the business such as photos, building reports etc.
  • We can arrange the meeting at a time to suit you, inside or outside normal business hours
  • As agents we are able to access property data that will help us to arrive at a fairly accurate appraisal of the property's market value. Once we have inspected it we can agree together on the best price to ask for the property in the current market.
  • We will then explain to you any charges involved in marketing your property (see below) and rates of commission. Please note that, under Victorian government legislation, we need to inform you that both commission and marketing charges are negotiable.
  • We can discuss times and dates for inspections and Open for Inspections as well as sign boards and photography
  • If you decide to sign either an Exclusive or General Authority to list your residence with us we will write up a description of your property for you to approve or amend and then begin to list your property on our website and on a number of the residential internet sales sites.
  • How much do you charge to sell my home or investment property?

    There are two components to real estate agents' fees:

    1. Fees for advertising and marketing

    Under Victorian government legislation Real Estate Agents are not permitted to charge more than what it costs them to pay for advertising and marketing. These days a key acronym in real estate circles is VPA (Vendor Paid Advertising). This means that almost all the costs of advertising that an agent occurs are charged back to the vendor, either at the time of signing the Authority, 30 days later or at settlement.

    Maguires Real Estate sees it differently. Many of the business and commercial websites are free for agents to insert standard listings and others are subject to an annual subscription. Our view is that the agent gets added benefits on top of his commission when the Vendor is expected to cover all the costs of advertising. Therefore we have decided to take the old fashioned approach of providing free standard listings on a number of websites and only charging for when you want to upgrade for added exposure. Standard photography is also free of charge as well as basic signage.

    Upgrading to larger signage or photo signs as well as listing on more expensive real estate websites such as, or newspaper advertising are priced separately.

    Selling a home can be a stressful time and normally involves considerable inconvenience and worry. Our approach is to avoid adding unnecessary extra costs and to simplify the process. We are therefore able to place listings on a large number of residential real estate websites at no charge to yourself.

    Marketing of your home or investment property is provided for no charge on the following sites when you sign an Exclusive Authority with our agency:

  • (business, commercial and residential)
  • (REIV)
  • (if available)

  • 2. Agent's commission fees

    Please note that, under Victorian government legislation, agent's commission fees are negotiable. There is no charge payable to our agency if we are unsuccessful in selling your home or investment property. Our standard commission on a successful sale is as follows:

    Percentage charge:

    2% + GST

    Commission is paid at settlement and is usually taken from the purchaser's deposit, which is generally lodged in our Agency Trust Fund.

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